Irvin Lemus Spring Classes

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CIS 77: Digital Forensics


I see deleted files.

This class gives you an in depth look into the world and the tools of Digital Forensics and Incident Response. Students will work on various cases and utilize open source tools to build an understanding on how to perform Digital Forensics.

Class Start: January 26, 2021

Every Tuesday @ 11 AM

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CIS 140NA: Network Analysis with Wireshark


What's happening on your network?

This class teaches you how to wield the full power of Wireshark on your network with in depth hands on labs! See what is happening on your network.

Class Start: January 27, 2021

Every Wednesday @ 5:30 PM

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CIS 195: Windows Server

Windows 2

Getting started with Azure

This class gives you the foundation to use the Azure cloud platform from Microsoft. Filled with in depth labs and infrastructure to showcase your newly gained skills.

Class Start: January 25, 2021

Every Monday @ 5:30 PM

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CIS 75: Fundamentals of Computer Security


Get your CompTIA Security+ Certification

This class gives you the fundamentals of Cyber security with in depth labs, hands on learning and certification prep.

Class Start: January 27, 2021

Every Wednesday @ 2:15 PM

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